Make a Bold Statement With a Sherri Hill Dress

Make a Bold Statement With a Sherri Hill Dressfeatured

We all appreciate Jennifer Aniston in Gucci and Angelina Jolie in Ellie Saab and Reese Witherspoon in her own line, Draper James. Zoey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling prefer Tory Burch’s colorful, preppy and (here’s the key) mature line of clothes. But if you’re a young teen in high school, you’re likely to be more interested in what your favourite It-girls love and relate to what they are wearing. This means, Brooke and Paige Hyland, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Sadie Robinson, Ariana Grande, Hailey Baldwin, Ryan Newman, Olivia Holt, Madison Walls, Olivia Culpo, Zendaya Coleman, and, yes, Kylie Jenner – and who are these crazy-hot and insanely fashionable gals wearing? Sherri Hill.


Sherri Hill Designs Dresses For You

Sherri Hill’s designs combine the appropriate whimsy of a gown for a young girl, while also capturing the woman emerging. That is NO small feat. If you’d like to see the most perfect full-length and short Sherri Hill dresses, check out Peaches Boutique in Chicago.

Sherri Hill’s dresses flatter a youthful figure, style, and appearance – and again, while never forgetting the girl wearing the dress is going through a transition. The clothing of a hapless teen attending a Quinceanera or Bats Mitzvah to one attending prom can be a mind-blowing change – oh yes, what a couple of years difference can make. Hill uses traditional fabrics like tulle, satin, lace and sequins, but she infuses the playfulness of texture and feathers and lace and super-cute silhouettes that will surely get those Instagram likes!



Take a look at the one of a kind Sherri Hill prom dresses 2017 collection. Peaches Boutique also keeps extensive records of the dress you chose, getting your name and the school you attend and the event in which you plan to wear it. This means the threat of the faux pas of “seeing double” or “who wore it best?” is eradicated.


Yup, You’re Designer-Ready!

It really isn’t too early for a designer dress. If you have the resources to get a dress made by a designer as fabulously feted and admired as Sherri Hill, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get one of her gowns for an upcoming formal event. Maybe you’re attending a wedding or party, or, even more likely, homecoming, winter formal, the spring fling, the Sadie Hawkins’ dance or….the prom. A Sherri Hill dress will set you apart and introduce you to the glamour and elegance of designer wear.


Why Designer Means Such Quality and “High-End”

The real designers are actually creating their works of fashion art. Unlike several formal dresswear companies, these real artists are not becoming “inspired” by the award show red carpet. They’re not out-right copying the finest clothes available each season. Alber Elbaz, the Lanvin designer, told New Yorker magazine, in a 2009 interview that it’s the “research and development” that goes into the end product… “It [takes] me forever,” he lamented. “And it’s time, and it’s money, and we are not doing it in offshore countries – we pay 65 percent taxes in France! It is so much work.”


The Quick 411

  • Designer dresses are made with truly quality fabric; the raw material has value
  • The impact of the designer’s work
  • The quality control is strict
  • Designer dresses are not mass manufactured overseas, but individuated
  • Well-made clothing just simply fits better, because it’s better made.

A Sherri Hill formal dress for your high school special event is an investment, both financially and emotionally. You’re changing, you’re growing up, and there’s no better way to make that declaration.


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