Warm & Fuzzy (& Uncooperative)

Warm & Fuzzy (& Uncooperative)featured

When I saw this soft fuzzy set, I immediately knew that I need to shoot it with Finn. That was the exact moment Finn knew that he would not cooperate. So here are three shots I managed to get between wrestling with the cloudy demon, before having to substitute him for a feather Christmas tree decoration. Those kitties aren’t Instagram-ready at all.

Fluffy crop top and silver stars makeup on A Handful of Stories.Fluffy plush crop top & pencil skirt set on A Handful of Stories.Soft crop top & pencil skirt set on A Handful of Stories.Soft fluffy crop top look & star makeup on A Handful of Stories.

Fuzzy goodness:

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  • Diana Schneider

    Haha so lovely!

  • Very cute photos and I enjoyed seeing Finn! When I decide to include my little dog for photo shoots she also suddenly decides she doesn’t want to cooperate. 🙁

    Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

    A Pocketful of Polka

  • Lady B

    Well cats kinda scare me, actually they scare me big time- one minute they are prowling on the floor, the next second they can jump on your head and then they can fly to the roof…anyhoo, these are coote pics. Have a good week ahead ( :


  • Nicole Mölders

    Cute outfit, cute cat. The cat looks like mine.

  • the cape on the corner

    great photos, but what made me click the link and visit was the cat! i have a grey one, too, but she isn’t as furry as yours.

    • Cats are my favourite click-bait 😀 I have three lol

  • saim

    Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always!!

  • The pics are gorgeous. I love the little stars. It adds some whimsy to this outfit.


  • Well Yana regardless of Finn’s cooperation the pictures came out beautifully.