How to Wear Colourful Leather

How to Wear Colourful Leatherfeatured

Leather is widely regarded as a tough and rocker-chic addition to an outfit, but brightly-coloured leather is often overlooked in this equation. Colourful pieces bring a dash of fun to any look, and I see them popping up in many online stores. Try Farbod Barsum, Topshop or ASOS for all your colourful leather shopping needs. If you need some help figuring out the wonderous world of bright leather, here are some street style and runway ideas to guide you.

Subtle Details

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If you’re a bit intimidated by bright leather, start small. Accessories or shoes are the ultimate gateway pieces to heavy fashion. I promise that you’ll be adding an orange leather skirt to your shopping cart in no time. How about a colourful pair of gloves, a red alligator skin belt, vibrant-hued shoes or a fun bright blue alligator wallet to start you off? Try it, you’ll find that statement details can totally transform a simple outfit.


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An unexpected twist on classic leather, pastels are great all year round. You know how I love wearing pastels in winter, even though they’re considered a summer staple. Soft hues instantly make leather more versatile and wearable. It works beautifully for both monochrome looks and for breaking up a darker outfit. How would you wear pastel leather?

All Out

When you’ve reached the advanced level of styling, it’s time to go all out! Have you considered a total leather look in a bright hue? All the kewl people are doing it. Whether you choose a monochrome outfit or combine contrasting pieces, you’re sure to sport the most fashionable look out there. How do you wear leather? Please share your outfits in the comments!

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