Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Valentine’s Day Makeup Lookfeatured

Fred is the perfect male model: he always looks handsomely rugged, confident and his “hey, girl” look is phenomenal. He is also the perfect Valentine, since he brings me breakfast in bed weekly (usually a mauled cat food container dug out from the trash), never forgets about flowers (in that he tears apart my cacti, leaving the shredded pieces around the house) and always thinks of a nice little surprise for me (like suddenly snatching keys out of my hand or giving me an extremely wet kiss on the nose in the middle of the night).

So naturally, when he loudly demanded to be the star (and the creative director) of this Valentine’s Day makeup shoot, I just had to. I was told that cats are the best click-bait.

Loving this pink lipstick, especially the way it looks with a pearly white smile.

Pink glossy eyeshadow & pink lipgloss makeup look for Valentine's Day.

Get the look:

Pink glossy makeup look for Valentine's Day on A Handful of Stories.Pink eyeshadow & glossy lips for Valentine's Day on A Handful of Stories.Valentine's Day beauty on A Handful of Stories.

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