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Do you have a tv-show you can rewatch over and over? I accidentally turned on an episode of Parks and Rec while trying to work out, and an hour later found myself on the yoga mat, still wearing one sneaker, eating chocolate and tearfully singing along to 5000 candles in the wind. I enjoy many things, and I can live with the fact that other people may have different preferences, but never insult Parks and Rec in front of me. I will most definitely get a melon baller, scoop out your eyes and eat them (:

In other news, winter is still going strong here, despite what last week may have promised. Guess the maxi puffer coat isn’t going to the back of the closet just yet. At least I don’t need a thick sweater underneath.

Maxi puffer coat, otk boots & leather dress outfit on A Handful of Stories.

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Leather dress, distressed t-shirt and puffer coat street style A Handful of Stories.Maxi puffer coat over leather slip dress and t-shirt on A Handful of Stories.Leather slip with lace over distressed tee & puffer coat outfit on A Handful of Stories.

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