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Most mornings we are faced with the same daunting task: finding a pair of socks. I’ve started using a method I call “a match made in heaven”, where I close my eyes put both hands into my sock drawer and fish out two items. That is the pair that the higher powers want me to wear. It doesn’t matter if one is a floral pattern ankle sock, and another is a standard black one. And when I’m out in my boots and my jeans, I look normal to passers-by. They don’t know I carry a divine power inside those boots. I am beyond the oppressive system of matching socks. I am free.

That particular morning though, I realized my outfit could use a pair of pretty polka-dot socks, and I deviated from my mismatch philosophy. Other higher powers were at play: the gods of consumerism. Hellooo, oppressive socks, you are looking fiiine today.

Mom jeans & polka-dot socks outfit on A Handful of Stories.

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Polka-dot socks with kitten heels on A Handful of Stories.Mom jeans & polka-dot socks outfit on A Handful of Stories.Mom jeans & ombre trench look on A Handful of Stories.Gold headphones & pink PSP on A Handful of Stories.Portrait through the cafe window on A Handful of Stories.

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