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Do you remember that time? The time of low-rise jeans, shiny lipgloss, Britney in her prime, flip phones, Charmed, emo kids, and that strong feeling we were finally doing life right? Those were the 2000s, and the further we are from the era, the more nostalgic we seem to get. I found myself hunting for a pink Motorola RAZR v3 on eBay last week while re-watching Beyonce’s Check on It (are those latex boots real?!).

Little skin-tight cotton crop tops were the coolest thing in the 90s and 00s, but somehow we forgot about them with all the oversized trends and unexpected materials of the past years. Now, this easy-to-wear top is back, and if you have an old one lying around, there’s a DIY opportunity: a cheeky embroidery could bring your top to the 2010s. Mine says “not your baby”, and that just seems so appropriately ridiculous.

Which ludicrous fashion idea shall we borrow next from the 2000s? Enormous belt buckles? Whatever Avril is wearing in this video that made 12-year-old me weep? Less eyebrows (gasp)?

P.S. I’m trying this new thing where I make 15-second videos of the outfits and post them on my Instagram stories (which mean they disappear after a day). I’ll be uploading one today!

Red crop top with "not your baby" embroidery on A Handful of Stories.

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Denim pencil skirt, red crop top & leather jacket outfit on A Handful of Stories.Red "not your baby" crop top, neckerchief & red rose on A Handful of Stories.

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