Sheer Dress Shenanigans

Sheer Dress Shenanigansfeatured

When it’s been around 15 degrees, drizzle, and wind for the past two months, and it has just cleared up, the sun is shining, and you have exactly an hour before you have to start complaining about the excessive heat. Happiness is fleeting, underboob sweat is imminent.

I’m packing for a new adventure in a climate as boiling as they come, and I am definitely taking this sheer dress with me. It is appropriate for both frolicking in the woods, and horsing around the seaside. A storm of photos to come! Meanwhile, as always, there’s a video of this outfit in my Instagram stories.

Sheer floral dress portrait with layered chokers on A Handful of Stories.

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Tulle floral dress with velvet pumps outfit on A Handful of Stories.Sheer white dress outfit in a forest on A Handful of Stories.Smiling dark red lipstick portrait with double choker on A Handful of Stories.White tulle dress with black belt and purple velvet pumps on A Handful of Stories.White sheer tulle dress & layered chokers on A Handful of Stories.

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