Well Bun! ✅

Well Bun! ✅featured

I love this wide obi belt because it feels less like an accessory, and more like a piece of armor, tough and durable. It completely transforms this very basic shirt dress & white sneakers look. And these space buns with little flowers might just be the cutest hairstyle I’ve ever worn, and I’m partial to various hair buns (see me wear the half-up style here, similar messy buns here or a soft low bun here). This summer I just cannot stop putting flowers in my hair. It might not be the best idea for long af hair that envelops hairbrushes and swallows bobby pins whole, I might be finding crushed stalks & petals on my pillow for days afterwards, but IT LOOKED CUTE for a couple hours ok 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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Blue shirt dress & obi belt outfit on A Handful of Stories.Obi belt & space buns outfit on A Handful of Stories.Space buns & pink eyeliner portrait with lilac on A Handful of Stories.Shirt dress, obi belt & huaraches outfit on A Handful of Stories.Space buns & obi belt street style on A Handful of Stories.Shirt dress outfit in lilac on A Handful of Stories.

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