🌸4 Current Fashion Trends I’m Loving🌸

🌸4 Current Fashion Trends I’m Loving🌸featured

Some trends I’ve been wearing non stop for the last few months & will carry over to the next season. What are some of your current fave trends?

Small jewelry pieces

I used to be all about statement pieces, then I had a no jewelry moment, but lately I’m enjoying the minimal jewelry, like these necklaces made from ethically sourced sustainable gold (how cool is that) or these sparkly earrings. They work with simple looks as well as with something over the top, allowing the outfit to shine – the perfect finishing touch.

Neon portrait on A Handful of Stories.Mustard top & minimal jewelry look on A Handful of Stories.


Adore anything snakeskin at the moment, I do have a total snakeskin look planned soon, watch this space 🐍 It looks cute on shoes, bags, dresses; leather, cotton, silk – everythingg. I love to combine different types of snakeskin prints in one look. Get my dress here and my corset here (both from Femme Luxe). I’m looking at a pair of knee-length boots right now and maaaybe some leather pants? Yes? No?

Snakeskin print dress outfit on A Handful of Stories.Snakeskin print outfit on A Handful of Stories.

Baguette bags

These were a late 90s – early 2000s staple. Remember all the coolest celebs sporting one with a pair of low rise jeans & a bedazzled tank top back then? Well, they’re finally back! I got two (including this one from ASOS seen in the pic below), but I’m already hunting for more on Depop and eBay. I may have ordered a pink (faux snakeskin!) one from this cute store on Depop.

Baguette bag & bucket hat outfit on A Handful of Stories,Y2K inspired outfit on A Handful of Stories.


Yeah, I am still loving neon, it’s not over till I say it’s over 👀👀 There’s neon in fall-winter fashion collections anyway! Obsessed with slime green this very moment, but orange is a fave too. Definitely need these cargo pants and a basic long sleeved top. I have just done an orange nail design, so I foresee many more orange moments in my near future 🧡 I have my Stargazer Neon Eye Dust for the perfect finishing touch. I got one in every colour, do I have a problem? 🙈

Neon suit outfit on A Handful of Stories.Neon biker shorts outfit on A Handful of Stories.

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