Hey, internets pal. I’m Yana, and I do inspiration. Anything that has to do with beautiful stuff is my purview.

A Handful of Stories was created for fashion-loving daydreamer with a critical outlook. The one who wants maximum impact with minimum hassle, wants to be challenged in new ways, wants to be inspired, but never dictated. Also, when you daydream on a regular basis, you can’t be bothered with hours of doing make-up & hair, so low-maintenance is key (my routine takes 10 mins).

I went from being a tomboy through my childhood and school years to joining Russia’s national alpine skiing team to becoming a certified stylist and a fashion blogger. Personal style is an ongoing journey; this blog is where I share my experience.

What to expect:


white bow blouse, tan pants, beige coat, wool hat, red lip


How to wear a structured bag


barcelona travel photos, a handful of stories


white trend from s/s 2015 runway

Photoshoots I style


What not to expect:




Probably not DIYs, I have t-rex crafting skills

10986259_434588796699342_15362552_nHere is one crucial and one useless fact about me clustered together. Try to guess which is which.

I’m a Leo & I don’t know what that means.

I majored in linguistics & I haven’t worn nude tights for at least five years.

I have two cats (Scottish fold and British longhair) & a boyfriend (swears he’s from this planet).

I need you to follow me on Instagram & I want a snake (ok, that’s two very crucial facts).

Confusion wil be my epitaph