Yana Pospelova


Yana Pospelova

Hi! I'm Yana. I'm here to inspire you to try new things in fashion, travel and in life. I'm a fashion stylist, cat lady and a food enthusiast with an endless list of travel goals. Check out my contacts to stalk me on social media and don't forget to subscribe to monthly A Handful of Stories recaps at the bottom of the page!

7 Ways I Have Worn These Ripped Jeans

7 Ways I Have Worn These Ripped Jeansfeatured

For a pair of ripped jeans so statement  these turned out to go with a quite lot of looks. Seven so far! They may have caused a middle aged woman to sprint after me and to upon catching up tell me how much she disliked my jeans, but anyway. Which is your fave?

🐆Tuscan Leopard🐆

🐆Tuscan Leopard🐆featured

A little animal print for a hot and humid day in the hills of Tuscany. I just love the mood of these shots, makes me want to go back and stay forever ❤️ I think Italy will always have a special place in my heart. The nature, the history, the food, the people – this country Read more

🌸4 Current Fashion Trends I’m Loving🌸

🌸4 Current Fashion Trends I’m Loving🌸featured

Some trends I’ve been wearing non stop for the last few months & will carry over to the next season. What are some of your current fave trends? Small jewelry pieces I used to be all about statement pieces, then I had a no jewelry moment, but lately I’m enjoying the minimal jewelry, like these Read more

Miss Bond

Miss Bondfeatured

Who is she? She definitely has a few skeletons in her closet. Might have one buried in her backyard too 👀 She calls herself Yana, but we’re all suspecting it’s not her real name.

🌈Colourful Look🌈

🌈Colourful Look🌈featured

Last year, on a day almost as hot as today (it’s 30 degrees outside as I type) we shot these colourful pics right in the middle of Moscow ❤️ Shop the look:

💎 Shades of Blue 💎

💎 Shades of Blue 💎featured

Feelin blue, looking 💯. Shop the look:

🌾Wild Flowers🌾

🌾Wild Flowers🌾featured

One scorching hot day last August in an abandoned field on the outskirts of Moscow ✨ Shop the look:

💛 Yellow Mellow 💛

💛 Yellow Mellow 💛featured

I love returning to a series many times, trying out different edits. Like this bright yellow eyeshadow look on which I tried three different options. Which is your favourite? I’m wearing NYX eyeshadow in STFU. Shop yellow eyeshadows:

Honey honey 🍯

Honey honey 🍯featured

A cute comfy look I wore in Amsterdam last summer 💖 It must be so beautiful there now with everything in bloom… I was about to book a trip but then I noticed the weather is awful at the moment 😬 Oh well. Shop the look:

Minimal Jewelry

Minimal Jewelryfeatured

I’m suddenly so into minimalistic jewelry, 2014 Yana would not believe it (remember the arm party trend?). This delicate necklace, bracelet and earrings set from mintMONGOOSE got my creative juices flowing: here’s the handy result 😂  Coupled the jewelry with sleek hair and strongly highlighted natural makeup for an understated ethereal look. Added a couple hands on top Read more

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