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Another Look with Over the Knee Boots

Another Look with Over the Knee Bootsfeatured

Hi, guys! Are you getting into the holiday spirit? I was helping to decorate a store last week and just booked our new year’s getaway, so I’m totally ready to celebrate. I feel like I always get giddy too early and burn out by mid-December. Do you have this problem? Writing a couple of gift guide Read more

The Lita Comeback

The Lita Comebackfeatured

I remember a time when I wore Litas every day. They were soo cool just a couple of years ago. I even had a Lita category on the blog. I mean, my first post ever featured them! Then there was a moment when everybody and their mother got a pair, and as every fashion fad, Read more

Wear Your Blanket Out Today

Wear Your Blanket Out Todayfeatured

I’m toying with the idea of throwing a blanket over every single outfit this winter. Here, I draped it over a navy trench, an LBD and my new favourite thigh high boots. It’s not long until it snows now, which makes for a perfect photo backdrop, but an unfortunate temperature to pose, wear makeup and generally survive. Read more

Post-Halloween Outfit?

Post-Halloween Outfit?featured

You know when you wake up the next day after Halloween with a severe case of post-Halloween hair? Here’s the perfect hairstyle to sort that out: the bubble ponytail. Just take the un-combable single piece your hair formed and tie it in several places. If you look closely, you can notice one of my hair ties Read more

What I’m Wearing To Stalk You

What I’m Wearing To Stalk Youfeatured

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Russia, but I’ll take any excuse to delve into the spooky and eerie. I’m working on Halloween-centered posts this year because I enjoy it thoroughly and I don’t care if a real costume party won’t be involved. I went for a thriller feel with the classic Hitchcock movie Read more

Casual Look with Oversized Denim

Casual Look with Oversized Denimfeatured

One of many ways I wear my oversized denim jacket. This time in a casual look my friend photographed for me (check her out in the reflection lol). I’ve had these H&M creepers for years now; I would gladly let them go and welcome a pair of Rihanna’s recent Puma collab ones heheh. My tee Read more

Never Eat Mushrooms In An Enchanted Forest (Or Was It Always?)

Never Eat Mushrooms In An Enchanted Forest (Or Was It Always?)featured

You know what you should do? Take a walk in a forest. Preferably one that looks slightly enchanted, you know what I mean? Wear your favourite fall outfit and see where the day takes you. Wait, what are those? Oh, I found some mushrooms! I’ll just have a little taste… afdfskdoinpwopkqojwfieoerigjnjbadofoerjfothkp Wait… What happened? Where am I? What’s your Read more

Early Autumn Favourites

Early Autumn Favouritesfeatured

I’ve been challenging myself to take more photos and up my editing game. Frankly, styling my favourite things into pretty arrangements wasn’t that much of a burden. How did I do? 1. Mustard I’m not big on the condiment, but I always fall back in love with the colour as it gets colder. Having a lot of fun styling Read more

Pastel Moments

Pastel Momentsfeatured

Riding the subway with this backpack is probably the scariest thing I’ve done last week. This photoshoot followed by brunch at Paul with Bella, on the other hand? The most pleasant. What are your last week’s highest/lowest moments? Tell me in the comments! Photos and editing by Bella Shop similar:


VERY HAIRfeatured

WOW. SO HAIR. VERY VOLUME. SUCH LOVE. AMAZE CHOPSTICK. MUCH DEFINED, SO STRONG LASTING. BLOGGER LIKE. such very thank to Lee Stafford, Upsidecom, mVideo, Domenico Castello Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova Shop similar: Some of the links in this post are affiliate. Proceeds support this blog.

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