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Cat Lady Gift Guide

Cat Lady Gift Guidefeatured

We all have that one friend who is creepily obsessed with cats, talks about them way too much, slides into your dms with cat memes, keeps you updated on their cats’ health issues and other annoying things. Except for me, I don’t have such friend, and that is because I am that friend. I am a Read more

Black Friday Codes & A Wishlist

Black Friday Codes & A Wishlistfeatured

Are you as excited as I am right now? It’s almost December, and that means the magic, the lights, the cookies, the gifts, and best of all: it’s socially acceptable to swathe yourself in glitter from head to toe. And what better day to start accumulating your blinding stash than Black Friday, aka international shopaholics day. Read more

Buy Gifts or Dye Trying (It’s a Pun, OK?)

Buy Gifts or Dye Trying (It’s a Pun, OK?)featured

Do I buy presents by colour? Not really. Does anyone buy presents by colour? I highly doubt it. Does stuff categorized into colour-coordinated groups produce a strangely satisfying feeling? It really does. Also gives me an excuse to use a shitty pun with every set. Bet that just blue your mind!!! I apologize. There isn’t even a Read more

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day Ideasfeatured

Whether you identify as a single lady, a wifey or a humble superwoman, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to wear and shop for pinks, reds and pretty lingerie. And since my favourite way of procrastinating is scrolling through online stores, I thought I’d share a couple of finds as well as some Vday-appropriate looks. Read more

17 Adorable Mugs for Long Winter Nights

17 Adorable Mugs for Long Winter Nightsfeatured

Something to get us through the winter – cute mugs for the gallons of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine that we’re going to consume in the next months. There’s one for the cat lady, one for the coffee addict, one for the boss girl, one for the Parc and Rec fanatic… See for Read more

23 Fabulous Gifts for Her

23 Fabulous Gifts for Herfeatured

After shopping presents for men in your life, it’s time for the most exciting part – gifts for girls! Also, the cover of this post is a sneak peek of an upcoming party outfit post. Fashion A snuggly sweater is always a welcome addition to a girl’s winter wardrobe. Many will be escaping to warmer Read more

20 Gifts for Men This Holiday Season

20 Gifts for Men This Holiday Seasonfeatured

polka dot pocket squareI took the most daunting task of the season and just solved that for you, okay? Three categories that answer all of your questions about gifts for men. And if I didn’t give you a legit option, comment below. *Liam Neeson’s voice* I will look for it, I will find it, and Read more

7 Gifts for Your Favourite Deadly Sin: Wrath

7 Gifts for Your Favourite Deadly Sin: Wrathfeatured

Four words – last minute gift shopping. You will feel all stages of wrath. Why don’t you skip the congested malls and do all your shopping online? Below is a compilation of presents for the person who struggles with suppressing his fury. Наверно ничто не вызывает такой злости, усталости и отчаяния, как покупка подарков перед Read more

7 Gifts for Your Favourite Deadly Sin: Lust

7 Gifts for Your Favourite Deadly Sin: Lustfeatured

Lust is not usually associated with winter holidays, but when there is alcohol and too much free time… You just might fall into it. If not – this compilation will help. Because you need help to give in to lust, right? Может, похоть и не приходит в голову, когда думаешь о зимних праздниках. Поэтому просмотрите Read more

7 Gifts for Your Favourite Deadly Sin: Greed

7 Gifts for Your Favourite Deadly Sin: Greedfeatured

One wise woman once said “Gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme more”. This gift guide is entirely dedicated to wanting more for less. Если ваша любимая фраза “Маловато будет!”, то эта подборка – для вас. A gift card is like giving money, but you can only spend it in one place. Disappointing and useless. Read more

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