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Miss Bond

Miss Bondfeatured

Who is she? She definitely has a few skeletons in her closet. Might have one buried in her backyard too 👀 She calls herself Yana, but we’re all suspecting it’s not her real name.

Isn’t It Too Dreamy?

Isn’t It Too Dreamy?featured

Can we talk about something? There’s an issue that has been bothering me for the past two weeks. It concerns someone who is very dear to my heart. What in the world is happening to Audrey Horne? Remember that sassy, opinionated schoolgirl with a magnetic smile and a constant need to be in the middle Read more

Where Magic Lives

Where Magic Livesfeatured

On a morning like this, misty mountain air seems to be filled with silent magic. The forest smells of pine trees and moist earth, your shoes get soaking wet from the morning dew. It’s everywhere, trembling on a spiderweb, invisible at first, but suddenly exploding with iridescent glow when the sun hits it; covering the Read more

Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe

Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbefeatured

The thing about art is, everything has been done. It has been done multiple times, and probably far better than you could ever do. A pensive demon against the sunset? Been there. A red-haired girl standing on a giant hoop over a lake? Uh-huh. Cats, splashes of water and a gentleman with a glorious moustache Read more

Editorial: Film noir and boudoir fashion

Editorial: Film noir and boudoir fashionfeatured

  The temperature is creeping below zero at night in Moscow, so here is an editorial we shot a couple of months ago: a chic girl effortlessly throws a coat over her posh pajamas while running away from… What are your guesses?   Один из самых интересных зимних трендов – пальто, надетое на пижаму. Девушка Read more

Inspired: Smoke clouds

Inspired: Smoke cloudsfeatured

  Source: Pinterest

Fashionably Russian: a fairy tale editorial

Fashionably Russian: a fairy tale editorialfeatured

  Here’s a story: a simple girl finds herself in possession of a capital, which prompts her to host lavish parties, inviting everyone who’s anyone. She plunges eagerly into a life full of dancing, expensive gifts and deceptively charming smiles. Yet in a time of hardship none of her social butterfly friends offers a helping Read more

You have to come back to me

You have to come back to mefeatured

Djivan Gasparyan – You Have to Come Back to Me Remember this post in a park near a river? Well, I didn’t stop abusing the Pocahontas look at that. I changed the headpiece and wore this remarkable poncho that M’s mom brought me from Argentina (cool, huh?). A couple of tweaks here and there, and Read more

Pockets full of stones

Pockets full of stonesfeatured

Florence and the Machine – What the Water Gave Me This native-American-inspired look was shot in a beautiful park by a river. How stupid of me to ignore this dreamy and serene place for years, it is just a five-minute drive from my place. It’s unbelievable how nature manages to flourish within closest distance of Read more

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