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Black to Basics

Black to Basicsfeatured

A total black outfit I shot in my bedroom a couple of months ago. Styling a monochromatic look is all about mixing different textures: here, I used a sheer voluminous blouse and a pair of fuzzy culottes. This bluish gray lip provides a slight variation of colour without a harsh contrast. I personally feel like this Read more

Well Red

Well Redfeatured

Somewhere in the desert, wearing the least appropriate footwear. Turns out, the desert is predominantly made of sand, who knew. Not this girl, who packed a pair of velvet sock boots. Aren’t they marvelous though? I like to imagine these are the kind of shoes that the famous witch was wearing when a house fell on her, leaving Read more

Warm & Fuzzy (& Uncooperative)

Warm & Fuzzy (& Uncooperative)featured

When I saw this soft fuzzy set, I immediately knew that I need to shoot it with Finn. That was the exact moment Finn knew that he would not cooperate. So here are three shots I managed to get between wrestling with the cloudy demon, before having to substitute him for a feather Christmas tree Read more

Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lakefeatured

Completely trashed my nude pointy flats while hopping between damp sticks, and would do it again too. The serene lake sunrise was the perfect backdrop for this fairy-tale look. Can you tell the magic of Bavaria influenced my outfits? This Zaful off-shoulder dress seems to have walked right out of an Arthurian legend.  ‘And near him stood Read more

Treasure Your Blogging Buddy

Treasure Your Blogging Buddyfeatured

Blogging is a solitary job. Most of the time you’re your own photographer, stylist, model, editor, web designer, social media expert, and the list goes on. It gives you the freedom to create whatever you believe in, without having to conform to someone else’s vision or brand. It gives you power over every single step Read more

Naked for a Good Cause (Instagram Likes)

Naked for a Good Cause (Instagram Likes)featured

I’m not usually one to wear revealing outfits, but I stumbled upon this laced bodysuit, and the image of this look immediately appeared in my mind. I have to admit, it is not comfortable to wear, even with double-sided tape. But hey, fashion>comfort ALWAYS, no? Shop the look: Photography by Natalia Karpova. Some of the Read more

I Dabbled in Witchcraft

I Dabbled in Witchcraftfeatured

One of my favourite games as a little girl was pretending to be a witch. Princesses are nice and all, but witches kick ass. They make things happen. They know stuff you wouldn’t dream. And the coolest of witches’ skills has to be brewing potions. Mom’s perfume, dad’s shaving cream, a little bit of dust from behind Read more

Lace Off Shoulder

Lace Off Shoulderfeatured

Lounging in sunny Marbella rn and have no inclination whatsoever to write a lengthy post. Sorry. There are many words and paragraphs in my last post here. Also, I’m on Instagram All. The. Time. Photos and editing by Natalia Karpova Shop similar: Some of the links in this post are affiliate. Proceeds support this blog.

Outfit of the day: Cobalt Blue Wrap Dress (and my love affair)

Outfit of the day: Cobalt Blue Wrap Dress (and my love affair)featured

The wrap dress is the most feminine and flattering piece, and I believe it is one of the must-haves for any woman’s closet. But the fact is, I never owned one until recently. I guess I just didn’t meet the right one. But it was love at first sight with this vibrant number. People always say Read more

Outfit of the day: Leather skater skirt

Outfit of the day: Leather skater skirtfeatured

Photos and editing by Oleg Sharonov Shop the post:

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