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Inspired: Colourful hair

Inspired: Colourful hairfeatured

I’ve been really into colourful hair lately. Seriously considering taking the plunge and colouring my own. I’d probably pick blue. Don’t they look just so damn classy? Not your average teenage punk kid’s hot mess of a ‘do. Anyone tried hair chalk? Я серьезно подумываю о синих волосах… У кого-нибудь есть опыт с яркими волосами?) Read more

Pastel hair

Pastel hairfeatured

Rivel Island jeans, Pull & Bear sweater, Zara coat, Topshop beanie, eBay wig Photos and editing by Oleg Sharonov Shop the post:



Squarepusher – Tundra 4 You know how much I adore a background that compliments the outfit (tribal prints out in the fields, graffiti  for an R’n’B look, neon beneath blossoming trees and more). But what you might not know is that I feel as much passionate about contrasts – those could as well be a native Read more

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