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That Belt Again

That Belt Againfeatured

So who thought me wearing this belt was a joke? I honestly love how it looks. Although I haven’t been able to find a similar one sold anywhere except in this Etsy children’s shop (linked below), and there’s no evidence of anyone stylish ever wearing one of those, so evidently, no one in the world Read more

Impression, Apple Garden

Impression, Apple Gardenfeatured

Summer is fast approaching with its heat, its mosquitos, its sweaty subway dwellers, its college deadlines and its A/C wars. But there’s still some time to wear oversized sweaters and over the knee boots, while strolling through real life impressionist paintings that are blooming apple gardens. But what now? Oh, the season is over already? Read more

Keukenhof Gardens: Where Good Tulips Go After They Die

Keukenhof Gardens: Where Good Tulips Go After They Diefeatured

I’m probably just imagining this trip. This place doesn’t exist, does it? If not for the unbelievable crowds (at 10 AM), and the hundreds of photos, I’d be convinced this was all a dream. If you’re ever around Amsterdam in spring, please go, despite the crowds. Here’s their website.

Styling and Aesthetic Features: Spring-Summer 2016 Jackets

Styling and Aesthetic Features: Spring-Summer 2016 Jacketsfeatured

Fashion experts say that the right jacket can make or break an outfit. In fact, this item pops up on every stylish girl’s wish list, according to NYMag. There are new styles and trends when it comes to something as simple as the fabric we use, or more advanced aspects, like unexpected pairings and unique silhouettes. Read more

The Last of Winter

The Last of Winterfeatured

When did it suddenly become so warm, and green, and fabulous? Just mere weeks ago my mom helped me shoot these photos in front of a frozen pond. I have about five outfits in various blooming gardens to edit and my Instagram already looks like a flower field. Shop similar:

Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulderfeatured

I’m four hours ahead of Moscow right now, and the weather is as beautiful as it is ruthless. It’s around zero degrees here in Siberia, and the sky must be having a going out of business sale on snow. Everyone keeps telling me I was smart to bring a fur coat, but it’s just a Read more

The April Edit

The April Editfeatured

Another monthly wishlist – and I have to edit them down (should I?..). Click on the image to shop the item!

Ankle Action

Ankle Actionfeatured

Speaking of culottes… Spring in Moscow is in its 1920s phase, which means it is finally acceptable to show a bit of ankle. And it feels almost as good. Even though you go from freezing to steaming about fifty thousand times a day in this weather. It’s almost blooming season! Shop the look:

Spring Favourites

Spring Favouritesfeatured

It’s finally spring outside, and the urge to try new things intensifies by the minute. Here are some fashion pieces, beauty products, and other stuff I loved through the past month. Most will probably stay with me in summer. Summer nights in the city anyone? Culottes I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: culottes Read more

Seventies Inspired Look

Seventies Inspired Lookfeatured

How do people smile in photos? I’ve been making a conscious effort to master this skill, but it always comes off as a smug grin. Couldn’t use most of the pictures. What’s the trick here? Are some people just not meant to smile attractively? Leave your secrets below, I could really use some pointers. Help me Read more

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