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Tenerife memories

Tenerife memoriesfeatured

King Crimson – Walking on Air   In just over a week I will once again feel these exhilarating sun rays on my skin, see the magnificent ocean and maybe get to meet even more adorable animals. The thought of returning so soon started as a joke between M and me, but as May holidays Read more

I must have you or no one

I must have you or no onefeatured

Marilyn Monroe – I’m Through With Love   Finally, another outfit I shot during our stay on wonderful Tenerife island. Bought this little white dress with cut out details on a final clearance at Topshop and an early morning stroll was the perfect occasion to pull it from my suitcase. Yes, that was one seriously Read more



April Stevens – Teach Me Tiger   Here’s the first set of photos from Tenerife I managed to “edit” – still not quite sure what I’m doing. Breaking out of gloomy Moscow made me want to wear all sorts of crazy things – like cat ears or a sequined tiger shirt.   River Island jeans Read more

Smiling all the time

Smiling all the timefeatured

Rihanna – You Da One I think an R’n’B cap (is that what they’re called?) is an extremely fierce and catching accessory, I just couldn’t find the guts to sport it, can you believe that? When I finally got around to wearing it, most of the clothes from that fierce-catching category I own seemed to Read more

I feel it in the air

I feel it in the airfeatured

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness This may have been the last warm day of the year and I chose to farewell summer in a leather midi skirt and a wolf print tee. Hair and make up just came naturally, and I finished this slightly gothic look with silver and black accessories. These awesome shots Read more

Pieces pt. 5

Pieces pt. 5featured

It’s been a while since I last posted my Instagram photos and I’ve accumulated quite a bit. Here are some of them mixed with random phone shots from this summer.   An outtake from this post with wild curls. There’s much more after the jump! Childhood memories of standing in the crowd of kids surrounding that Read more

Sweet like vanilla

Sweet like vanillafeatured

Lana Del Rey – Without You Found myself purchasing every single piece of clothing in soft pink fabric while listening to Lana Del Rey’s dreamy tunes (yeah… I might just be the last person on earth to check her out. I’m always hesitant about trying new things in music). Her voice makes me crave that Read more

I’ll be your friend

I’ll be your friendfeatured

The Kooks – Ooh La I love how a nice colour combination elevates the whole look. Here, a simple jeans and shirt pairing feels more delicate thanks to the muted pastel palette. I opted for matching accessories and manicure. Stradivarius jeans, Pimkie shirt and sunglasses, Topshop studded flats xxx

She’s my man

She’s my manfeatured

  Scissor Sisters – She’s My Man Bought these jeans when I was still in high school. Wore them with Vans and hoodies back then. When I stumbled upon them in my old drawer I felt the urge to style them in a different way (maybe because I’m that person who hoards stuff and refuses Read more

Such a sweet price to pay

Such a sweet price to payfeatured

Aerosmith – Girls of Summer Lately it’s been too hot to bother picking out outfits. My morning routine mainly consisted of throwing on shorts and a tee, using a drop of BB cream on my face and tying my hair up in a bun. Not really a photo-worthy look. This maxi dress turned out to Read more

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