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This Was a Happy Day

This Was a Happy Dayfeatured

The truth is, I couldn’t bring myself up to writing a blog post for the past week. If you’re following me on Instagram, you might know I’m going through another thing with Leo right now. Although I never wanted my blog to trigger those feelings in myself or others, I had an urge to publish Read more

Where Magic Lives

Where Magic Livesfeatured

On a morning like this, misty mountain air seems to be filled with silent magic. The forest smells of pine trees and moist earth, your shoes get soaking wet from the morning dew. It’s everywhere, trembling on a spiderweb, invisible at first, but suddenly exploding with iridescent glow when the sun hits it; covering the Read more

The Annoying Person Who Tells You About Their Dream

The Annoying Person Who Tells You About Their Dreamfeatured

What did you dream last night? Last week I noticed a tiny fingerprint on my wall and in my dream that night I remember facing in utter horror a white wall completely covered in greasy palm prints. For some reason, I’ve always been obsessed with trying to connect the phantasm with previous events. How did this Read more

So You Think You’re Better Than The Medieval Inquisition

So You Think You’re Better Than The Medieval Inquisitionfeatured

Don’t think I’ve worn socks with heels for years… Wait, let me check that. Well, I searched my blog and found this. Hilarious. Can’t wait until my current photos look that bad to me. I can already see the little details that will bug me when I revisit this post. But I bet there’ll be Read more

Don’t Be an Entitled Douchebag

Don’t Be an Entitled Douchebagfeatured

I never understood the fascination with bad boys. I mean, I live for a leather jacket and a condescending smirk. The ability to justly punch someone in the face can be admirable although I prefer a man who can destroy his opponents intellectually. But letting a person get away with terrible things just because he/she (let’s Read more

Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe

Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbefeatured

The thing about art is, everything has been done. It has been done multiple times, and probably far better than you could ever do. A pensive demon against the sunset? Been there. A red-haired girl standing on a giant hoop over a lake? Uh-huh. Cats, splashes of water and a gentleman with a glorious moustache Read more

Bloodthirsty Sun

Bloodthirsty Sunfeatured

So I was thinking… Aztecs sacrificed people so that the sun would rise, right? What if… the sun really needs blood to be shed to rise? And if people stopped killing each other, it wouldn’t? There was definitely violence every day since Aztecs. What if we reached utopia? We’d try to fabricate clones, but their Read more

Childhood Fear

Childhood Fearfeatured

Isn’t it funny, how feelings work? In a year, anything that seems significant now might fade away without a trace.  The pain of loss or separation – is it merely the fear of nothing that comes afterwards? The void you have to, and will fill with completely different things. You can not survive without letting Read more

Treasure Your Blogging Buddy

Treasure Your Blogging Buddyfeatured

Blogging is a solitary job. Most of the time you’re your own photographer, stylist, model, editor, web designer, social media expert, and the list goes on. It gives you the freedom to create whatever you believe in, without having to conform to someone else’s vision or brand. It gives you power over every single step Read more

An Unpublished Look and 8 Things I Learned in 2015

An Unpublished Look and 8 Things I Learned in 2015featured

I found this look from last August in Amsterdam that I forgot to publish. This was the day I learned that pencil skirts are too tight for walking down the steep stairs elegantly, so that video never saw the light of day… But here are some semi-positive things I managed to learn in 2015: You Read more

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