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Now My Head Won’t Stop

Now My Head Won’t Stopfeatured

I tried the underwear-as-outerwear trend today. It went well 🙂 I’m not really comfortable with showing too much skin, but this was the perfect balance. Bershka lace shorts, Topshop wedges, Zara sweater Kisses, Yana

Turn It Up

Turn It Upfeatured

Here I am, prancing in a hip hop meets school-girl outfit. I was playing with a troubled teenager look today with the help of some red lipstick, sneakers and unruly hair. Doesn’t this skirt just look happy to you? It is made to twirl in! Topshop skirt and Topman beanie, H&M varsity jacket, Reebok sneakers Read more

It’s Like Red But Not Quite

It’s Like Red But Not Quitefeatured

These pictures might get you thinking I wore pink head to toe (and socks with open-toed footwear) for no apparent reason. That is not true. I had strong reasons. Do you see these trees behind me? They’re apple trees. And god knows why I thought they would already be in full bloom. See? If they’d Read more

Where the Cold Wind Blows

Where the Cold Wind Blowsfeatured

An everyday outfit with a rocker-ish feel to it spiced up with a hat in a rich hue and a matching lipstick.  Topshop waxed skinnies and hat, H&M blouse and creepers, MAC lipstick in Media Have a nice Wednesday!

Help Me Get My Feet Back on the Ground

Help Me Get My Feet Back on the Groundfeatured

Behold: The Curls (well, they’re actually waves, but that’s the closest I can get). I tried a heat-less way of curling and it actually did work. The thing with my hair is, it doesn’t hold curl at all. I recall numerous mornings I spent torturing my mane only to see straight hair in the mirror Read more

You’re the Easter Bunny When You Smile

You’re the Easter Bunny When You Smilefeatured

Yesterday felt like summer and I could not resist wearing cheerful and sweet pastels from head to toe. I completed the look with some gold accessories and a bright coral lip.   Do people arranging their belongings on a cafe table and taking photos of them come across as stupid to you? Well, it seems Read more

Winter Moments

Winter Momentsfeatured

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of being photographed by the talented Miyori (She also happens to be stunningly beautiful. Seriously, check her out). You can almost feel how cold I was in these shots, but twenty degrees below zero could not stop me! But really, I could only spend fifteen minutes out there. Further Read more

Take Me Away From This Big Bad World

Take Me Away From This Big Bad Worldfeatured

Here are some shots of today’s outfit. This is what I often opt for when going to the uni: coloured denim, comfy knits and minimal makeup.  Topshop boots and jeans, Zara knit sweater  Have a nice day! XOXO

Feel the New Wind of Change

Feel the New Wind of Changefeatured

Capes are awesome, aren’t they? But they are not necessarily easy to wear. And I’m not only talking fashion-wise,  you probably wouldn’t call them comfy either. Cape is a statement piece, not something you grab when rushing out the door in the morning.  By the way, have you noticed a bruise on my heel? 🙁 Read more

Pieces pt. 2

Pieces pt. 2featured

Some moments of life captured with the help of Instagram. St Valentine’s day.  Delicious steak at our favourite steakhouse.  A hat from Topshop which I plan on wearing a lot with all sorts of outfits. Trying on mint pieces at Zara. A surprise from M for the first day of spring ^.^ Follow me on Read more

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