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Salty af

Salty affeatured

Another tiny crop top I got for the hot summer days we are yet to experience here in Moscow. This one is canary yellow and so soft to the touch. Unlike the mesh choker, which should be a tickling torture device really. Shop the post:

The Kimono Belt That (After Several Years, but Still) Could

The Kimono Belt That (After Several Years, but Still) Couldfeatured

I’ve stayed away from colourful pieces most of my life. First, as a teenage goth (srsly), then, hesitant to wear overly bright outfits that may seem clownish (like, to whom?!). I’ve been making an effort to push my fashion boundaries ever since I started this blog (am I making progress?), but on most days safe options Read more

Be My (Dark) Valentine

Be My (Dark) Valentinefeatured

There’s nothing better that adding a touch of goth to a girly dress. Especially if you’re going to bash Valentine’s day, but still want to dress up and get flowers, as you do. It’s been snowing for days, and every part of Moscow looked like a winter wonderland. But don’t let my calm face fool Read more

The Lita Comeback

The Lita Comebackfeatured

I remember a time when I wore Litas every day. They were soo cool just a couple of years ago. I even had a Lita category on the blog. I mean, my first post ever featured them! Then there was a moment when everybody and their mother got a pair, and as every fashion fad, Read more

Never Eat Mushrooms In An Enchanted Forest (Or Was It Always?)

Never Eat Mushrooms In An Enchanted Forest (Or Was It Always?)featured

You know what you should do? Take a walk in a forest. Preferably one that looks slightly enchanted, you know what I mean? Wear your favourite fall outfit and see where the day takes you. Wait, what are those? Oh, I found some mushrooms! I’ll just have a little taste… afdfskdoinpwopkqojwfieoerigjnjbadofoerjfothkp Wait… What happened? Where am I? What’s your Read more

Summer wardrobe essentials: Maxi dress – Dressy

Summer wardrobe essentials: Maxi dress – Dressyfeatured

  It’s my birthday today, so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Here is a dressier outfit featuring a maxi dress in a gorgeous indigo shade. I paired it with bright yellow straw heels, an ombre floppy hat and my favorite bag from Prada. See another look with this dress here. Shot by the Read more

Outfit of the day: Casual lime and ocean print

Outfit of the day: Casual lime and ocean printfeatured

  I developed a habit of wearing caps on a daily basis this past month, but haven’t given them justice on my blog. So here is a kinda seaside-inspired everyday look: striped shirt, lime neon jeans and ocean-printed baseball cap. Stradivarius striped shirt Pull&Bear lime jeans Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Mustard Zara “paper bag” Animal Read more

Neon crochet

Neon crochetfeatured

Beyonce – Ego   The sun, the heat and my (already fading) Canarian tan make me crave neon every day. This crochet skirt would have been the most boring piece ever if it wasn’t for its blinding yellow color. And I love the idea of a make-believe paper bag. This one came with a shoulder Read more

Smoky indigo

Smoky indigofeatured

Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet   A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the talanted Anna. I had this sudden urge to incorporate deep blue in my look, so I went with this indigo shirt and blue smoky eyes. I love the way the photos came out – bright, Read more

Yellow tropics

Yellow tropicsfeatured

The Crimea – Lottery Winners on Acid   Hooray for spring! Ever since the days started to get warmer, I’ve been digging tropical prints (just wait till you see my new swimwear). Needless to say, planning an island vacation doesn’t help cure the obsession either. This particular tee from H&M’s Conscious collection goes beyond your Read more

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