Unrightable Wrongs

Unrightable Wrongsfeatured

Ozzy Osbourne – Just Want You Same skirt, different outfit. Head to toe black with gold accents is almost too easy, but it is not.  It’s classic. On another note, I think I finally figured how to add music on here. All the titles of my posts are taken from songs so it would make Read more

If you were an ice cream flavor you would be my favorite one

If you were an ice cream flavor you would be my favorite onefeatured

Snapped these outside a tiny flower shop hidden away somewhere in the web of little streets that is central Moscow. The place is filled with the drone of bumblebees and the smell of freshly cut flowers. Discovering it in the mist of early morning felt like finding a treasure.  Topshop skirt and wedges, H&M top

Seeing Clear Would Be a Bad Idea

Seeing Clear Would Be a Bad Ideafeatured

Enjoying the last bits of sunlight today in my floral skirt and a coral statement necklace.    Zara skirt, Bershka blouse, BSBGeneration heels, H&M necklace xxx

Paint the Sky Together

Paint the Sky Togetherfeatured

Cropped top and high waisted bottom combo is on serious repeat for me right now. It is summer, after all! And this floral bustier gets as much attention as you’d expect it to. Yeah, a lot. H&M skirt, Topshop bustier and wedges, Primark shirt, Zara bag and sunglasses Hope you’re enjoying your summer! You know Read more

Waiting for the Hint of a Spark

Waiting for the Hint of a Sparkfeatured

I honestly do not know why these turned out so blurry. I may or may not have gone psycho when I first saw them yesterday. But then I decided to pretend they’re “vintage-looking”. Please pretend they are? Zara skirt, Topshop bustier and flats  xxx

I’ll Wait for the Sun

I’ll Wait for the Sunfeatured

Recently I stumbled upon this cute up-do on Youtube – the sock bun. I am admittedly hairstyle challenged (challenged in every aspect of life that involves precise handwork really), but this one came out perfect on my second try! I highly recommend it if you’re like me and you have a ton of stray lonely Read more

Pieces pt. 4

Pieces pt. 4featured

More iPhotos! xxx

Pieces pt. 3

Pieces pt. 3featured

Realised I haven’t posted instagram photos in a while. I’ve accumulated quite a lot since last time, so maybe I’ll post more later. Follow me on instagram @yankapespi TGIF!

The Key That Lets You Slip Inside

The Key That Lets You Slip Insidefeatured

I am only several thousand crunches away from confidently wearing this bustier without having to layer it over. It sits in my glass drawer and every time a catch a glimpse of its denim glory, I make an okay face and start doing sit-ups vigourously. Are you ready for summer? Or should I say, are you Read more

Now My Head Won’t Stop

Now My Head Won’t Stopfeatured

I tried the underwear-as-outerwear trend today. It went well 🙂 I’m not really comfortable with showing too much skin, but this was the perfect balance. Bershka lace shorts, Topshop wedges, Zara sweater Kisses, Yana

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