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Seventies Inspired Look

Seventies Inspired Lookfeatured

How do people smile in photos? I’ve been making a conscious effort to master this skill, but it always comes off as a smug grin. Couldn’t use most of the pictures. What’s the trick here? Are some people just not meant to smile attractively? Leave your secrets below, I could really use some pointers. Help me Read more

Suede Skirt Look

Suede Skirt Lookfeatured

Another unpublished look from my short trip to Barcelona in August. This faux fur bag doesn’t look like it, but it goes perfectly with most looks (like this bright one, this floral number or in a clear backpack here). And the suede skirt will undoubtedly be a staple in my summer ’16 wardrobe again. Shop Read more

Be My (Dark) Valentine

Be My (Dark) Valentinefeatured

There’s nothing better that adding a touch of goth to a girly dress. Especially if you’re going to bash Valentine’s day, but still want to dress up and get flowers, as you do. It’s been snowing for days, and every part of Moscow looked like a winter wonderland. But don’t let my calm face fool Read more

Live to Sparkle

Live to Sparklefeatured

Some people hate the holidays. The crowds, the hustle, the spending, the excessive eating, all the members of the extended family you wish you’d never meet again. And I do see their point, but I could never be one of these people. There’s a certain magic surrounding this time of year, something you won’t find Read more

The Lita Comeback

The Lita Comebackfeatured

I remember a time when I wore Litas every day. They were soo cool just a couple of years ago. I even had a Lita category on the blog. I mean, my first post ever featured them! Then there was a moment when everybody and their mother got a pair, and as every fashion fad, Read more

7 Problems of a Teenage Goth Girl

7 Problems of a Teenage Goth Girlfeatured

I’m pretty sure that if I had a diary when I was fourteen, these would be my top 7 struggles. Turns out, there’s not much of an early teenage goth community in Russia… Dad keeps saying my makeup looks like I work at a coal mine/fell face forward into a fireplace. Black maxi skirts and doc martens Read more

Outfit of the day: Layered skirts

Outfit of the day: Layered skirtsfeatured

Red October is my new favourite photoshoot location in Moscow. We shot these on an unusually warm day with Natasha, and I just love the editing she did, she even somehow brushed my hair? Lol. Check her out, she does photoshoots, video, edits photos and is a pretty chill lady. Я уже несколько раз снимала и снималась Read more

Outfit of the Day: Pink Biker Coat

Outfit of the Day: Pink Biker Coatfeatured

You know how I love my pastels. Wore this candy cotton coloured coat on Valentine’s day and my friend Bella took and edited these photos. Моя любовь к пастельным тонам вечна. Этот образ мы снимали с Беллой в день святого Валентина. В Москве был жуткий холод. Photos and editing by Bella Oganyan Shop the post: Linking Read more

Outfit of the day: Big fur stole

Outfit of the day: Big fur stolefeatured

Some days it almost feels like spring around here. Can’t think of a better way to greet sunnier days than wearing suede heels and a big luxurious (faux) fur wrap. Ok, maybe I’m faking the whole spring feeling a little bit. Check out how cold my hands were, lol. And I’m surrounded by Christmas decorations. Oh, Read more

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