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Birthday Look, Okay?

Birthday Look, Okay?featured

So we shot these during a beautiful sunrise in Barcelona… After I wore the look for my birthday the night before. -Wh-what’s going on?.. Is it still dark outside? I thought I saw you take off your outfit and makeup at night. -Yeah… -Then why are you standing in the dark fully dressed? What time Read more

Outfit of the day: Floral + Polka Dot

Outfit of the day: Floral + Polka Dotfeatured

Floral and polka dot are both prominent summer trends, so I thought it most appropriate to mix these two and shoot them in a retro diner. Some of you might remember another (and yet another) diner post from quite a while back. It’s been two years, might as well revisit the location. Цветы и горошек – тренды этого Read more

Editorial: Spring revolution

Editorial: Spring revolutionfeatured

Fun spring editorial we shot with Anna some time ago. We are all tired of lifeless winter surroundings, so we went all out with the colours. Наша с Аней красочная весенняя съемка была вызвана острым недостатком цвета в зимней Москве. На улице все еще сыро и тускло, но в душе (и студии) уже весна! This Read more

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