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Marsala Sneakers on the First Day of the Year

Marsala Sneakers on the First Day of the Yearfeatured

Whoops, I accidentally scheduled two looks from Barcelona in a row – this time from my NYE trip. I wore these marsala sneakers for a day of walking through the empty city streets on the first day of 2016. I’d love to wax poetically about the fresh start, the thrill of exploring, or just my Read more

Naked for a Good Cause (Instagram Likes)

Naked for a Good Cause (Instagram Likes)featured

I’m not usually one to wear revealing outfits, but I stumbled upon this laced bodysuit, and the image of this look immediately appeared in my mind. I have to admit, it is not comfortable to wear, even with double-sided tape. But hey, fashion>comfort ALWAYS, no? Shop the look: Photography by Natalia Karpova. Some of the Read more

Another Look with Over the Knee Boots

Another Look with Over the Knee Bootsfeatured

Hi, guys! Are you getting into the holiday spirit? I was helping to decorate a store last week and just booked our new year’s getaway, so I’m totally ready to celebrate. I feel like I always get giddy too early and burn out by mid-December. Do you have this problem? Writing a couple of gift guide Read more

What I’m Wearing To Stalk You

What I’m Wearing To Stalk Youfeatured

We don’t really celebrate Halloween here in Russia, but I’ll take any excuse to delve into the spooky and eerie. I’m working on Halloween-centered posts this year because I enjoy it thoroughly and I don’t care if a real costume party won’t be involved. I went for a thriller feel with the classic Hitchcock movie Read more

Never Eat Mushrooms In An Enchanted Forest (Or Was It Always?)

Never Eat Mushrooms In An Enchanted Forest (Or Was It Always?)featured

You know what you should do? Take a walk in a forest. Preferably one that looks slightly enchanted, you know what I mean? Wear your favourite fall outfit and see where the day takes you. Wait, what are those? Oh, I found some mushrooms! I’ll just have a little taste… afdfskdoinpwopkqojwfieoerigjnjbadofoerjfothkp Wait… What happened? Where am I? What’s your Read more

Pastel Moments

Pastel Momentsfeatured

Riding the subway with this backpack is probably the scariest thing I’ve done last week. This photoshoot followed by brunch at Paul with Bella, on the other hand? The most pleasant. What are your last week’s highest/lowest moments? Tell me in the comments! Photos and editing by Bella Shop similar:

I Dabbled in Witchcraft

I Dabbled in Witchcraftfeatured

One of my favourite games as a little girl was pretending to be a witch. Princesses are nice and all, but witches kick ass. They make things happen. They know stuff you wouldn’t dream. And the coolest of witches’ skills has to be brewing potions. Mom’s perfume, dad’s shaving cream, a little bit of dust from behind Read more

How to Survive Wearing Suede in Summer

How to Survive Wearing Suede in Summerfeatured

Every season there are new ridiculous trends emerging on the fashion scene. Some are unnecessary (chokers?), some kinda ugly (my beloved culottes) and some are just plain dumb (micro mini bags). But if you’ve been reading my blog for some time you know those trends are my favourite ones. The ones that have people talking, the Read more

Popcorn Print and 6 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Now

Popcorn Print and 6 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Right Nowfeatured

A list of things I’d rather be doing than sitting in front of my computer: Dressing my cats in kimonos like these Japanese people. Travelling to Barcelona. Actually, more on that soon. Reading Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion by Lauren Goldstein Crowe / Joseph and His Brothers by Thomas Mann / Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman (all Read more

Lace Dress and the Paradox of Choice

Lace Dress and the Paradox of Choicefeatured

I love the internet. I learned how to use make up, cook a mean Bolognese, shoot outfits, order at a restaurant in Italian and many other useful things here. But here’s something I, and millions of other people struggle with: choices. I was listening to Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance” audiobook the other day (which is a hilarious and Read more

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