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Seventies Inspired Look

Seventies Inspired Lookfeatured

How do people smile in photos? I’ve been making a conscious effort to master this skill, but it always comes off as a smug grin. Couldn’t use most of the pictures. What’s the trick here? Are some people just not meant to smile attractively? Leave your secrets below, I could really use some pointers. Help me Read more

The Blues

The Bluesfeatured

Two similar outfits in a row. Am I finding my personal style? Is it best described as “sticking to this skirt forevs”? Will I also be wearing it today? The answer to all these questions is a strong maybe. Shop similar:

The Heat of the Battle is as Sweet as the Victory

The Heat of the Battle is as Sweet as the Victoryfeatured

If you’re an avid Lookbooker or you’re following me on Instagram (I’m posting twice a day), you might know Natasha and I have won the #lookbookisforlovers contest with these looks. As part of the prize, this Thursday we’re taking over Lookbook’s Instagram. We worked hard on our collab photos, do check them out 🙂 There’ll Read more

Outfit of the day: Leather Skirt & Oversized Denim

Outfit of the day: Leather Skirt & Oversized Denimfeatured

Just a casual look pairing this leather skater skirt with stripes and oversized denim jacket once again. Tell me in the comments if I should post more of these everyday outfits I shoot with my little Olympus OMD EM10 (I have lots of them). Еще один образ в стиле кэжуал с этой юбкой, полосатым принтом Read more

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