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Post-Halloween Outfit?

Post-Halloween Outfit?featured

You know when you wake up the next day after Halloween with a severe case of post-Halloween hair? Here’s the perfect hairstyle to sort that out: the bubble ponytail. Just take the un-combable single piece your hair formed and tie it in several places. If you look closely, you can notice one of my hair ties Read more

The Definitive Guide to Spring ’15 Trends: Prints

The Definitive Guide to Spring ’15 Trends: Printsfeatured

I present you, every single print that is in trend for spring/summer 2015. Prepare for a stream of inspiration and shopping lust (sorry). Check out my print category for outfits! Here’s the post on colour trends, in case you missed it. And you know what? It turns out, celebrities do wear a lot of fun Read more

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