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Colours of Barcelona

Colours of Barcelonafeatured

I made a conscious effort to take colourful pictures this time in Barcelona, and it turned out to be quite a challenge. Vibrant objects and locations kept escaping me. Apparently, my memories of the place are so warm and sun-lit, they get saturated in my mind with time. Metaphorically vibrant memories became literal visions of colours. Read more

7 Best Places to Eat in Barcelona (tapas, ice cream, breakfast and more)

7 Best Places to Eat in Barcelona (tapas, ice cream, breakfast and more)featured

Ok, I apologise in advance, but you will need to eat after reading this post. Maybe even while you’re reading. If you saw my Barcelona travel post, you might be wondering why there were no photos of food I obviously consumed in copious amounts. Well, that is because I have been saving all of my food porn for a Read more

Dreaming of Amsterdam

Dreaming of Amsterdamfeatured

I fell in love with Amsterdam instantly, with its endless canals, its leaning houses, its many museums and its myriads of imperturbable bike riders. Somehow everything here is tinier and cosier. The streets may be filled with tourists and cyclists, but you always get the feeling of being one-on-one with the city. Take a stroll through Read more

3 Spring Days in Barcelona

3 Spring Days in Barcelonafeatured

If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen photos from my recent travel. Here are some more pictures I took with my trusty Olympus OMD EM10. Barcelona holds a special place in my heart, I discover a new side of the city with every visit. This time it was spring in Barcelona… Если вы подписаны Read more

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