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Blue Midi Skirt and Ridiculous Trends

Blue Midi Skirt and Ridiculous Trendsfeatured

Are there any trends you find numbingly stupid? Like the bucket hat. Or denim everything. Culottes anyone? (link game seriously strong) The trends I find the most delightfully senseless are the physically impossible ones. Take that purse for example. Is this a joke? I can not even fit my iPhone six plus (well, granted, that thing Read more

Outfit of the day: Baby blue culottes

Outfit of the day: Baby blue culottesfeatured

I tend to keep my blogging promises – so here’s the culottes outfit. I’m a huge fan of the trend, these quirky trousers might just take midi skirts’ place in my closet. This pair here is flowy and romantic, I chose to style it with a crisp white shirt, nude kimono belt and some kitten heels. Я Read more

Microtrend: Bucket Hat

Microtrend: Bucket Hatfeatured

This hat was featured in numerous worst 90s trends roundups, yet here we are again… You know me, I’m all for ugly trends like monstrous shoes or round sunglasses. We’ll see if it becomes a mainstream thing, but some riskier fashionistas are embracing the bucket hat once more. This article precisely describes sporting the hat as “either Read more

The definitive guide to Spring ’15 Trends: Colour

The definitive guide to Spring ’15 Trends: Colourfeatured

Sometimes combing through all the fashion trends for the season may get overwhelming. Fear not! I’ve built a comprehensive guide for the spring/summer 2015 packed with all the relevant styles from the runways as well as street fashion and red carpet snaps. Over the next couple of weeks, you will find out everything you need to know Read more

3 Oversized Outerwear Styles from New York Fall 2015 Runways

3 Oversized Outerwear Styles from New York Fall 2015 Runwaysfeatured

Amusing fact: Moscow usually still has some snow left till mid-May. Frustration and vitamin deficiency aside, it as an excellent excuse to shop for stuff inspired by the next season’s fall trends. I’m very much into oversized outerwear, and it seems to be staying for fall 2015 season. Here are three of my favourite styles Read more

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